Divorce & Child Custody Issues Can Be Stressful

Divorce and child custody issues can quickly raise anxiety levels among every member of a family.  At times like these you need someone who understands the process and can explain your rights to you so that you are in a better position to protect your rights to your salary, your pension and benefits, and your rights to parenting time with your children.  I have been through it myself and I know what you are experiencing.​​​​​​​

Divorce can be a traumatic and life-changing event and has been compared to the death of a loved one.  In time, though, you can emerge from it and may even find that your life (and the lives of your children and even your former spouse) changed for the better.

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Family Law & Divorce

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Don't Go It Alone...

An important first step is having an attorney who has your family's best interests at heart.  My firm makes every effort to minimize the cost and disruption to your life and your children's lives, and I work with the other spouse and their attorney to settle divorces as fairly and amicably as possible.

Divorces and family law cases can be complicated.  If you intend to represent yourself, the courts will not cut you any slack when it comes to procedural requirements.  You will be held to the same standards as a licensed attorney and simple mistakes can make a huge difference in the amount of parenting time you get with your children, the amount of spousal support and child support that the court will order, and ultimately how your case is resolved.

My firm handles dissolution of marriage, parenting time (which used to be called custody), division of property and debt, spousal maintenance, child support, separation agreements, and the full range of considerations that come with a divorce.

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What Now?

Whether you are considering divorce or working through child custody issues, one of the immediate concerns I hear most often is, "What is your retainer and how much is this going to cost?"

When emotions are high and finances are uncertain, it is important to partner with an attorney who understands the need for manageable payments as life-changing details are worked through.  As you shop for an attorney, chances are you will hear retainers that start at $2,500 (on the low end) and hover right around $5,000 as the average in Colorado.  At my firm, we work out payment plans that are in the hundreds of dollars per month and I don't sneak in extra costs for things like copies, postage, office supplies and other expenses that should rightfully be considered a law firm's cost of doing business.

Once I am retained on your behalf, your former spouse (and their attorney, if they have retained one) will be instructed to funnel all communication through my firm.  This will immediately lower stress levels for everyone and will ensure that your case is presented to the courts in a manner that safeguards your interests and the interests of your children.

​​​​​​​You and I will be in regular communication about the progress of your case, all the while keeping monthly payments in the hundreds of dollars a month so they remain manageable as your case is resolved.

Have questions?  Call me at (720) 984-5367 to see how I can help you.

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